Bass Lessons

Bass Lessons Portland Music

The soul of any ensemble is the bass guitar.  Providing not only a bottom end rhythm for other instruments to follow, the bass can also provide unique counterpoint and melody that has a tonal quality that cannot be mistaken for anything else.  Guitarfish Music offers an easy way to learn this groove-oriented instrument with private bass lessons near Portland.  Our Tigard, Hillsboro, and Clackamas Studiostore locations offer lessons in bass guitar from fundamentals to advanced techniques like slapping and popping.  Our expert instructors and unique methodology guarantee that bass lessons pay off immediately by learning the tips and techniques of a students favorite styles and players blended with a solid music foundation for well-rounded instruction that leaves nothing out.  Any skill level can now learn to groove like the masters or shred like the phenoms with private bass lessons at a Guitarfish Studiostore.

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